Why have I decided to run for City Council so early in the year?

With a city council election in November, an August primary, and a June filing period, why am I already talking about the Cedar City Council race in March? The first reason is for personal and professional planning purposes.

However, the more important reason from a community perspective is this brief season when city issues become more visible and are discussed more than at other times.

As the community directs its energy away from the national stage and toward local issues, we can identify our key problem areas to address as a city. One chronic problem is that many issues never arise before the debate season, when half-baked ideas and lip service to ideologies carry the day.

I do not want to start the election period in June without having a few key proposals in hand. This approach requires input from a cross section of the entire community and a great deal of research. As we go into the election season and those proposals are scrutinized, I will welcome feedback to fine-tune those ideas. With this approach, our brief period of election coverage can be used to solve community problems instead of listing them.

As we enter this year’s municipal election cycle, let’s talk to our neighbors and identify ways to make Cedar City a better place to live, work, and serve. If a fraction of the energy we usually spend on political discussions about candidate personalities can instead be used to create solutions, we can accomplish a great deal of good in our neighborhoods this year.

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