Affordable Housing

As we continue to grow, Cedar City needs to allow more flexibility in facilitating common-sense affordable housing so our local children, grandchildren, and university graduates can afford to work and raise families in our wonderful community.

Business Partner

In our business-friendly culture, it is shocking how often our City impedes local business development through irregular code enforcement and lack of communication. The City needs to be a better community business partner for those who choose to invest in us by creating a level and predictable playing field.

Smart Planning

One of a city's main roles is in developing roads, utilities, and other infrastructure. Cedar City taxpayers are on the hook for infrastructure liabilities for decades after they are built. Smart planning is critical to ensure our infrastructure meets our needs and remains affordable for the life of the project.

Next Steps...

What issues are you worried about? Find out how you can help develop solid policies to keep Cedar City a wonderful place to live.