Melling for Cedar City Council

Who is Tyler Melling?

I was born into an Air Force family and moved around until attending Southern Utah University. Before college, the only geographical constant in my life was that I would spend summers in Cedar City visiting family.

Although I was set on attending college on the north side of the state, I never felt at peace with my college plans until I auditioned, almost on a whim, for the vocal performance program at SUU. The campus was frozen over after several weeks of sub-zero temperatures at night, but everything about the community, the campus, and the people exhibited a sense of community not found at the other schools I had explored.

After mission service in Slovakia, I met my wife in the SUU Opus chamber choir, completed my degree in economics, and went to the University of Iowa College of Law in Iowa City. Upon law school graduation, we came right back to Cedar City where I started an estate planning law practice and later started teaching legal studies courses at SUU part-time. My wife and I are the parents to 3 objectively adorable children that love this community.

Since coming back to Cedar City, I have tried to give back to the community through service. I currently serve as the board chairman of the Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce. I also serve on the board of the Orchestra of Southern Utah and have volunteered with other nonprofits in different capacities.

In filling these different roles, I have heard stories of past successes that Cedar City had as a municipality and the community backing needed to accomplish great things. I also hear about the struggles many businesses, individuals, and community nonprofits have and the extent to which the city is a help or a hindrance.

These stories are what inspire me to run for office. A city council is a visionary and supervisory body, not a rubber stamp and not a public relations committee.

As my track record and endorsements show, I am prone to learning about problems, researching solutions, and taking educated and calculated risks when needed to produce results.

I hope you can support me in going forward to guide Cedar City into a community-led effort to create better neighborhoods and stronger relationships with each other.


What does Tyler Melling stand for?

Check out the page about the issues I care about most.