A Community Campaign for Better Neighborhoods

Tyler Melling's campaign for Cedar City Council can best be summarized by a Mark Twain quote: "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."

The kind of high-impact travel that can widen our world-view need not be across oceans, but is more often across our neighborhood fences.

As we build a stronger community through face-to-face interactions and real conversations, we can continue to keep Cedar City a wonderful place to live.

Come meet Tyler and other candidates at community events. Look for ways to serve others and get to know your neighbors and their concerns. Pass those concerns along as you become engaged with our elected leaders and the volunteers that serve our community.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook and to use the campaign page to provide feedback as we go through this process together. I'm always open to your input and ideas to support and improve our community.


How can I help?

To run a community-based campaign, I need help from the community. See how you can help out.